About Us

Why NewayFX?
  • Maximizing trading potential in forex markets requires a specific strategy that generates profits regardless of the market fluctuations. To acquire these skills, you must employ realistic scenarios that portray the real world scenario. NewayFx has developed a simulation course based on this premise. Through this program, you will gain the tools to thrive in the foreign exchange markets.
What is NewayFX?
  • A video based course that equips you with the competences that enable you to effectively trade in theforex market. The course offers several strategies that include simple video instruction with performance evaluations to test your newly acquired skills.
What do I need?
  • You just need an internet connection, computer and web browser. We rely on the latest browser technology to deliver our courses, so we suggest using an up-to-date version of your preferred browser.
  • IT is highly recommended that before you learn the strategy that you follow the training path so that you will gain a full understanding as to why we train you the way we don. Each course has suggested prerequisites for the content. All courses are prepared for absolute beginners.