What is NewayFX?
  • NewayFX is an online learning destination for existing and aspiring Forex traders that teaches through video content. Each courses main concept/strategy is first taught and then practical application of the course is shown via video instruction to make learning both educational and memorable.
Will I make money if I use the concepts taught By NewayFX?
  • Yep! As with anything especially with foreign exchange trading, we cannot guarantee results. However based on past performance we fill confident in saying that we will train you to be become a sound and satisfied trader.
Can I use the Auto-trader if I only subscribed to Strategy One or Two?
  • No! In order to have access to the auto-trader software you have to have paid for that particular service.
Where do I go if I get stuck on a course?
  • If you ever have any questions about a course or about your account, you can email us at Newayfx@gmail.com .
Can I upgrade my service package in the future?
  • No there is no upgrade. To upgrade to the next level of service you will have to pay the full price of the next service. This is why we encourage paying thing the level 3. This way you have access to both the Call Out software and the Auto-trader. With these packages you are able to get email, phone, sound alerts where the software is about to take a trade for you and when it actually does take a trade for you while you are asleep.
Can I really trade without being at my computer?
  • Yes! This is the beauty of the auto-trader software. It finds the technical trade setups for you and places the trade on your behalf. You also have the option of opting for it NOT to take the trade for you but only alert you when the technical requirements have been meet.
What are the browser and system requirements for Code School?
  • NewayFX works best in Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and IE10 or higher. No other browsers are guaranteed to properly display our content and results may vary.
Which number do i send my payment to if i want to pay using Square Cash?
  • Enrollment via Square Cash can only be used for Level 1 membership, as there is a $2500 limit the company imposes per company policy. You can send the payments to this number : 3012667257. An automatic email will be sent out to you upon receipt of your payment; which normally takes about 2-3 business days.